Friday, 12 April 2013

Everton's next manager?

Now, as I'm sure most of you are aware, David Moyes is apparently leaving Goodison Park at the end of the season. This saddens me because I've always liked him as a manager and it leaves us thinking 'what next'? I'm hoping someone like Martin O'Neill, Ståle Solbakken, Erik Hamrén^ or Michael Laudrup* takes over because they're another two I've always had time for. They won't stand for any shit from anyone.

*Michael Laudrup is the current manager at Swansea City and has since signed a new deal keeping him at the Liberty Stadium for another couple of years. Shame.
^Erik Hamrén is the manager of Sweden's national football team, having previously managed Rosenborg BK in Norway and Aalborg BK in Denmark, and he's a brilliant manager for them so I reckon he'd do well at Everton as well. I wouldn't mind us having a Swedish manager. He's been with Sweden since 2009 though so I don't expect him to leave my national team any time soon. Double shame.

There are, however, a few names I wouldn't like to see take over at my beloved club and I'm going to list them below.

Steve McLaren: The wally with the brolly. The man with the permanently-bad hair day. The idiot who thinksch he can schpeak Dutch. He was previously the manager of Middlesbrough (remember the time a crazed Boro fan chucked his season ticket back at him in disgust?) and tried managing England for a bit before buggering off to Holland. Twice. He may currently be out of a job but he's a clueless idiot and we don't want him at Everton. We wouldn't last two minutes.

John Barnes: Failed at every team he's managed. He was a much better player than he was a manager and, whilst he still lives in Merseyside, we don't want a manager who has failed dismally every time. He's only managed three teams. Oh, and he can't rap either.

Alan Curbishley: Lazy and clueless. He's managed one less team than John Barnes and has done nothing since 2008. It's up to him if he wants to live a life of bone-idleness but we don't want or need a lazy manager at Goodison Park.

Alex McLeish: Another clueless idiot who gets hated everywhere he goes. He wouldn't come to Merseyside anyway. He seems to love the Midlands so much so he can bloody stay there, thank you!

Gary Megson: This gum-chewing buffoon is another one who has basically failed at every team he's managed. No thanks.

Walter Smith: Manager of Everton before David Moyes. We flopped under him and even lost to Tranmere Rovers in the FA Cup back in 2001 whilst he was our manager so we don't want him back. We still owe them for that.

Brendan Rogers: Current manager of Liverpool. He may have steered Swansea City into the Premier League but he's an idiot. Even the Liverpool fans hate him. Need I say more?

Over to you, Bill. Please do the right thing and keep this lot away from the Old Lady. The only way I'd take any of the above is if they were working in our food areas or becoming cleaning ladies to clean out the toilets. Just bring in someone that will actually do the job and make us a decent team again. That's all we're asking for.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Wonderful stuff #1

Inspired by the wonderful Julie and cleverly titled Wonderful Stuff, this is going to be probably going to be a regular thing to let you know more about my life, the universe and everything. I hope you find it interesting.

Anyway, this month, I have mostly been...


Since Scott and I are travelling to Scandinavia again next month, I've been sorting everything out for the trip. It's been stupidly cold over here so I have a couple of dresses in there but I'll be packing a few warm essentials too. I'm just about sorted but I still have a couple of bits to find for my carry-on luggage. If you're stuck yourselves, this handy little guide comes in handy. One of my friends used it last year and she found it useful so I printed one out for myself. I also fell in love with the Trunki cases for kids so I got one for Sebastian. They have all sorts of animals and I think they're cute.


I've been reliving my love of Mrs. Brown's Boys recently. We have all three series on DVD in our collection along with Scott's Inbetweeners box-set and my Millennium trilogy. It's rude, it's crude and it's definitely not for the faint hearted. There are times I think Buster Brady is a bloody idiot but he's still funny as hell, as are the rest of the cast, and they never fail to make me laugh out loud every time.

Who says the Irish don't have a sense of humour?


As most of you know, I absolutely adore Swedish music, and my love for Hässleholm's own Robin Stjernberg has been well and truly rekindled thanks to him winning Melodifestivalen which means he'll be representing Sweden at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. I've even rewatched his performance about a million times. He's just amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing him live in May.

Meanwhile, here's another one of his songs, Scars, in full. Enjoy.


Recent highlights from my Tumblr include my Eurovision review and a thing about my favourite players from each of the Premier League teams (not including Everton, who are my team).


And recent highlights from my Twitter feed include my personal tweets about certain footballers (ones I like and ones I'm not so keen on), tweets from my sister-in-law's football Twitter account about various managers getting the sack, the one I tweeted about Wales winning the Six Nations where I chanted that England could stick their chariots where the sun doesn't shine and a genius one from my mate about his partner after the latter broke his wrist. Further proof, if needed, that we're all as crazy as each other.

Finally, my favourite tweets of the moment go to...

And that's your lot! Ciao for now!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hello world!

Hiya people!

I've had Tumblr for a while now and, whilst it is a pretty amazing blog, it is still very basic and I can't make a great blog post on it, so I thought I'd make a proper, brand-spanking-new blog. My name's Lucy, I'm 26, I'm a scouser and I'm crazy-arse-bonkers.

But don't let that stop you, hey?

PS: If you're wondering where the name of my blog comes from, it's from my love of all things Swedish, especially the one and only Roxette, haha!

Bye for now!