Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wonderful stuff #5

July was a happy month. I celebrated my first wedding anniversary with Scott (we went out for a meal and there were no accidents - yay!) and the beginning of the month was nice and hot. A bit rainy (again) towards the end but, all in all, still a good month.

Here's what else I got up to. Enjoy.


The Women's European Championships took place in Sweden this year and, being a fan of Sweden's international football teams, I was looking forward to it. Granted, it wasn't Zlatan Ibrahimović et al, but I still watched it. We got as far as the semi finals where we got knocked out by eventual winners, Germany, but I enjoyed it. I'll also enjoy watching the aforementioned men's team in their World Cup campaign next year, should they get that far. They should do, though.

Aside from the Women's European Championships, the British and Irish Lions beat Australia in SOME STYLE (or, rather, a bunch of Welshies and some English lads did), England are 2-0 up in the Ashes series and the new Danish Superliga season has restarted. Sadly for my Danish team, FC Copenhagen, they've lost both their opening matches and are now anchored to the bottom of the league. Brilliant. Not.


As I've already mentioned, it was my first wedding anniversary this month (on the same day as two of my friends' birthdays, nonetheless), and I was treated to a meal out by my wonderful husband, Scott. We went to a Chinese restaurant (Scott's choice, not mine - I would have preferred Italian) where we had chow meins, mushrooms, soy sauce and everything else you'd see on a Chinese restaurant's menu. It was actually quite nice and I didn't complain. Not once. I still can't believe I've been married a whole year though. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?


As July was the month of mostly supporting Sweden in the football, I listened to the official song by Sweden's finest Eric Saade over and over again, which you can find in full below. Sadly, he's not in a football kit (I wish he was), but I still get to see his lovely face on my blog. Enjoy.


Highlights from July included the following:
  • The #pointlessthingsinfootball hashtag, which included Harry Redknapp, Stoke City and, erm, Silvio Berlusconi. Yes, really.
  • Wigan Warriors' Josh Charnley getting his kit off. Literally.
  • On Wayne Rooney: "When Rooney leaves United, he can jolly well stay away from Goodison. We don't want him back. Tit." - @shawsterama
  • On the #royalbabynames hashtag: "Has anyone come up with the name Oxford Cambridge yet?" - @scouserach
  • On the Ashes: "Poms 2 Aussies 0." - @susstudio
  • Two of my friends changing their Twitter avatars back to their Pokémon nicknames. One of them's doing the Gangnam. Classic.
And, finally, my favourite tweets of the month go to...

And that's yer lot! Until August...

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