Monday, 1 July 2013

Wonderful stuff #4

I can't believe we're into July already. It's my first wedding anniversary this month so I'd like to do something extra-special with Scott around that time.

Anyway, June was also a special month for me. I celebrated my birthday (minus accidents. HOORAH!) with family and friends, one of whom had just returned from an impromptu holiday, so that was special. We also got some sunshine so I managed to sit out in the garden to top up the (sort-of) tan I got whilst in Copenhagen and Malmö back in May.

Here's what else I got up to in June. Enjoy.


When David Moyes left Everton to become the new manager of Manchester United, I was left sulking. Then along came the news that Roberto Martínez was our new manager. He'd not long since won the FA Cup with Wigan Athletic so I'm hoping he works wonders for us as well.

Oh, and whilst I'm on the subject, David Moyes can keep his hands off Leighton Baines. He's already put in a bid for him but we've already made it clear that he's not for sale. £12m for our Bainesy?! Pah! Not a chance! Unless you make it somewhere in the region of £30m, plus Robin van Persie and maybe Shrek, we may have a deal. Otherwise, sod off.


I'm sure you've all seen the Coca-Cola 'Share A Coke' campaign by now. You know, the one with bottles with your name on? I managed to find mine and Scott's the other week and we still have the bottles. Shame there isn't one for Sebastian though. There probably is in Scandinavia but his name isn't on bottles over here. Oh well.

PS: I know it's red and white but it's all I could find. Besides, I like normal Coca-Cola anyway, and I think of the label as being Saints-coloured. Just a shame we've been worse than useless all bloody season!


Besides being a fan of football and rugby league (see above), I'm also somewhat of a tennis fan and, unless you've been hiding in a cave for the last month, you'll know it's Wimbledon season so I've been watching the likes of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Novak Djokovic doing their thing. Roger and Rafa are out, as is Tsonga, but Nole is still in so I'm hoping he does well.

Well, anyone's got to be better than Murray... Right?


Pet Rescue and Papa Pear on Facebook. They're both addictive. I used to play Candy Crush a lot as well but I got bored of it in the end.


June was the month of cheese. Besides all the Eurovision stuff (STILL) and Robin Stjernberg's new album, plus a lot of rock and the odd bit of classical, I've listened to mainly cheesy stuff. Swedish cheese, mostly. In particular, the new one from Basshunter. I can't get enough of it. I do prefer Avicii and SHM of course but I do like a bit of Jonas Altberg (AKA Basshunter) from time to time.

His new one is below in full. Enjoy (or maybe not).


Because of the nice weather the UK's been having recently, I've been basking in sunshine so it was a case of 'tweeting when I can' in June. Here are some of my highlights though...
  • On David Moyes wanting Leighton Baines: "10m for Baines?! You're havin' a giraffe ain't ya?! 40m and RVP and we have a deal!" - @sevens1878
  • On Cardiff City buying Danish striker Andreas Cornelius: "Nice one, FC Copenhagen, you just sold last season's top scorer to the worst team in Wales. Hope you're proud of yourselves." - @susstudio
  • Tweets from various people about the Yellow Duckmarines sinking and then the company who own the damn things going into administration. Oh, what a shame.
  • On Valentina Monetta representing San Marino for a third time: "Valentina AGAIN in 2014?! I know they're only a tiny state but do San Marino not have anybody else they could send to Eurovision?" - @scouserach
And that's it for this month. No favourite tweets from me this time. Will hopefully get them back in August.


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